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PDMS soft lithography

Wunderlichips GmbH offers a bespoke soft lithography fabrication service. We manufacture your designs according to your specific requirements. All steps of the process can be customized, including elastomer base to curing agent ratios, surface cleaning protocols, layer bonding processes, input/output via core diameter, substrate mounting, and more.


Surface treatments

At small scales, surface forces come to dominate physical interactions. As such, the surface properties of microstructures and channels are critical in determining their function.

Wunderlichips GmbH provides both established PDMS surface treatment processes, such as fluoro-carbon silane coating, as well as custom protocols as required by your design and application.


Tooling process

The first step in the manufacture of any new design in PDMS is the production of a master mould using photolithography and/or other techniques. From this master, a large number of PDMS replicas can be reproduced.

Wunderlichips GmbH can produce masters with features as small as 1 ┬Ám, round-top features for microfluidic valves, multiple aligned layers with different heights, or even millimetre scale moulds in aluminium or other materials.


Chip-to-world interfacing

A key consideration in performing experiments with microfluidic devices is the interface between the macro- and micro-scale environments. This typically imposes constraints in experimental procedures as well as device design.

Wunderlichips GmbH offers consulting in this critical area, helping you establish working experimental procedures using your microfluidic devices. We provide a unique chip-to-world connector that allows for fast and simple injection of small sample volumes, as well as the possibility to manufacture custom-designed interfaces.


Design consultancy

The design of working microstructures and microfluidic devices is often an iterative process that requires building upon hands-on experience. At each new iteration, new moulds must often be produced, or changes made to downstream fabrication procedures, ultimately raising costs and increasing the time required to obtain the desired results.

Wunderlichips GmbH offers a limited consulting service free of charge, where we discuss your experimental goals in detail in order to help you reach a working design faster.